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Hunters have never been this fortunate, especially in your search for discount hunting supplies and tips. Since the birth of the internet, information can be found in a matter of seconds, which means more time you can be out in the field hunting for that next big buck.

Going into the field with the righttips and equipment can easily be the difference in going home with that big buck or going home empty handed. Whether you are just starting out hunting or you've been doing it for years, you probably know that there are always new tips and techniques that can be learned, usually pretty quickly too. You'll be saying "Why didn't I think of that" by time you are done looking through our tips and recommended hunting supplies.

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There are a few main things you should consider When searching for good discount hunting supplies:

  • Safety - Not every hunting supply that you purchase will be blaze orange, but you certainly don't want to purchase something that will endanger your safety. Knifes that break, or tree-stands that aren't secure can all cause some serious problems on your next hunting trip.

  • Quality - This part is the easiest. Although you're looking for discount hunting supplies, you don't want bad quality supplies! You want the most bang for your buck, who doesn't? Does the dealer look professional? Do they have a solid return policy if your supplies go bad, break, or don't fit?

  • Price - Since it's obvious that you're looking for cheap hunting gear (that's why you're at this site, right?) cost should definitely be a factor. Many good knifes, clothing, and other supplies can be purchased at discount prices, with better or just as good quality as the more expensive brands.

At this site we'll help you to address all of those issues with hunting equipment that apply to individual animals, so that way you only bring what you need. We can't turn you into an expert marksmen, but we do offer hunting related articles and other tips to keep you updated on the hunting world.

Also pay close attention to our recommended merchants. We only recommend only the best places to purchase discount hunting supplies, merchants that we feel comfortable shopping with ourselves!

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How to Use a Rifle Sling

I love rifle slings - although I usually take the sling off of my rifle when I'm in a stand or blind, because I don't want it hanging up on anything or swinging around to give away my position. Much of the time, though, slings are wonderful, useful tools and should be used as such. Most hunters don't use slings to their full potential, but they should - and here's how you can use a sling to gain almost-instant access to your rifle, make more accurate shots without a rest, and more.


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Firearms Guide DVD Review - 4th Edition

This collection of information contains a bunch of good stuff, and much of it is good and useful. Guns, ammo, ballistics, hundreds of printable targets, and thousands of gun schematics, among other things... sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Errors and omissions might make it less of a bargain, though. Read the review for much more on this creative reference product.


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Facts About Brown Trout


Brown trout are a popular catch from spring through fall, especially at this time of year in rivers and lakes. Here are some facts about their life and behavior.


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